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Kieninger bell strike movement, cable wound, weight driven, top mounted bell, strikes hour and half hour. With stop wind, automatic beat adjustment and full beat second hand. Includes stock hands, cast iron pendulum, cast iron weights and winder. Movement is mounted on seat board and test run. 2-year warranty.

Moon Dial Package

Movement fitted with an unpainted heavy gauge steel dial that measures 12 1/2" wide by 17 5/8" high. With moving Moon Dial (7 1/4" dia. cut out in dial). $1,220.00


1. Stock hands, stamped aluminium, painted black. Included with movement purchase

2. Hand filed, blued steel hands, bushed to fit the movement. $70.00 (with movement purchase)

We strongly recommend that you get your movement before you build your case, to be sure it fits properly. All of our standard movements and dials are interchangeable, so once you have patterns made they will fit your next run of clocks without a problem.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.